Month: February 2016

What’s wrong with my world?

We’ve just barely made it through the first month of the year, and for some of us the year might not be out to such a great start. Resolutions have been broken. Cheated on. Worked around. Forgotten. You name it and it’s probably not being done anymore by January 31.

Well I have a little confession to make – I didn’t make resolutions this year.

In fact, I’ve had a pretty tough time setting goals of any kind. There’s always the generalities of get healthy,  save money, or own less, but I’ve had a mental block as it were as to the specific direction in which I should lead my life.

So I’ve been reading a book called “What’s Wrong With the World?” by early 20th century journalist and philosopher GK Chesterton, and in it he argues that what people truly want, more than what others can give them is the ideal. Instead of a tenement, a house with a garden. Instead of work in a factory, independent work on a family farm. Instead of a having a master, a man wants to be his own master. And there was one such passage when he states that the man may not expect the ideal, but he still desires it.

I’ve long struggled with this concept of the ideal. What’s the point of going on and on about it fi nobody’s going t to get it. If it’s just a pipe dream, what’s the point?

But what I realized, what struck me tonight as I was scrubbing a stubborn stain from my favorite casserole dish is this – we need the ideal because it is our north star. It is the little way in which we must go.

What is one ideal that you have resisted letting go of, even though it feels like it’s never gonna happen?